Stepping on his first set at the age of 16, Francis De La Torre’s affinity with film and television began early. Beginning as a production assistant, lifting lights and cables, he soon developed a passion for cinematography from observing the cameramen he assisted. The experiences on set sparked a curiosity and passion, which creatively materialized in the form of breakdancing videos he created of himself and friends.

These early videos ultimately laid the groundwork for Francis. Constantly trying to push the limits of the editing softwares used for his videos, he developed a fascination with compositing and title design. This fascination culminated into a career direction for Francis as he dedicated his time to mastering visual effects and motion graphics, developing a philosophy that beautiful art can influence culture.

After earning a “B.A. in Broadcasting” equivalent through a Los Angeles Media Training Center, Francis was offered an internship, and later promoted to compositor, at a VFX house in Culver Cuty, CA. It was here that he developed his VFX palette further, learning and developing under established commercial and music video directors. The technical VFX training provided Francis opportunity to further explore his own ideas and concepts. Taking newly learned methodologies, Francis would assemble small projects as discovery processes for refining his skill-set. Through these projects, Francis emphasized that content and philosophy are as important as visual executions. Story-telling was the pivot for all his art, and his intention towards directing and creating quickened.

Fast forward many sleepless nights and render cues…

While working as a senior animator at an agency in L.A., Francis continued to dedicated all of his free time to directing and his creations, often times being a 1-man crew from pre-production to post. These “creations” ultimately became Francis’ passion. It was during this time, Francis found himself receiving a great deal of positive feedback and reviews for several independent music videos that he had created; one of which focused on the child trafficking epidemic in India. On the encouragement of peers and friends, Francis left his animation position to invest himself completely into his directing and story-telling.

It was then, in late 2009, Francis launched 8Bit Films, a production boutique focused on Filmmaking, Motion, and VFX. 8Bit Films has been responsible for creating and contributing to national commercials and music videos, establishing viral online videos, developing popular web series, and animating for national motion graphics campaigns. Some of our projects include; BMW, B.A.R.T., Constant Contact, Go Daddy, Adobe, EuroCopter, Reach Records, SF Public Library, Earthbound Farms, CableVision, SAP Softwares, Robert Mondavi Wineries, ShareFaith, Way of the Master (TV Show), and Universal Records.

“The vision of 8Bit Films is simple, ‘to take creative and original ideas, develop beautiful art, and do so with unlimited resources’… we are still working on that last part.” – Francis De La Torre

8Bit Films is a network of award winning minds, who love what they do. We desire to create commercials, films, titles, motion graphics, and music videos that communicate emotion, thoughts, ideas and philosophies. We hope our work inspires and communicates a world-view that helps to positively shape culture.

In addition to 8Bit Films, Francis continues to freelance as an animator and VFX artist, having worked with such brands/projects as: Target, Sony, Bungie, EA Sports, Dell, BBC, Samsung, Microsoft, Disney, Def Jam Records, Death Row Records, Fox Sports, HP, and Comcast.